About Joulebars


This is your body

Your astro aligned

cosmically connected

Beautifully banging body


This is your body. 

Your magnificently mindful

Consciously caring

Brilliantly brainy body


Transcendent and resplendent

Buzzing and vibrant

Smart as hell and sexy af

Yours is a body that craves

Real things

Bounty of the Earth things

Carefully combined and cared for things


Sustained energy to last from AM to PM

On-the-go nutrients to keep you on the go go go


So go 


With strength and grace

Through space and time

To take on this, that, whatever

And know that we got you


You and that radiating, reverberating, ridiculously amazing thing 

Called your body



ABOUT YVETTE, founder of joule

Un-athletic in school, at 18 Yvette tried to enlist in the Army but was rejected because she couldn’t do more than a few push-ups after months of training. Plus, she had to eat pounds of bananas just to make the 92 lb weight requirement. 

Ten years later, college educated business woman Yvette experienced the “diet wars” from the opposite perspective. Tired, depressed, out of shape and over 40 lbs heavier after the birth of her first child, she started going to the gym and working out. It was then her passion was born. 

Years of study, training, and research followed and, in 2007, Yvette opened Joulebody to help the super busy and over-stressed live healthier and happier.